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Windows Live Writer

So Cool! Windows Live Writer, FREE from Microsoft. Live Writer is a part of the Windows Live features like Messenger, Mail and Photo Gallery.  It’s like I’m using Microsoft Word to write, edit, format, preview, new posts to my blog and then it publishes it for me too!  I  just clicked the link at the bottom of my blog page and now I got it!  I’m so excited especially as my 2007 word trial has expired and I can’t afford to buy it!  I really needed this program…and free…THANK YOU, THANK YOU Microsoft people!


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  1. I used Windows Live writer for Blogger but haven’t tried it yet for WordPress – I shall have to give it a go. I have been using Word and then using HTML to format after pasting in the copy. I use photographs a lot too and that helps. My page views went up last month and so I’m doing something right. I think Windows Live photo gallery is good; take a look at my blogs to see what I do with that. I am beginning to resize my images now – they are taking up a lot of space.

    Keep on blogging! 🙂

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