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It Is Hot Outside?

red hot sunset

Wow!  the evening News just said that it was 105 degrees in El Cajon, CA today.

And that we should feel lucky that it wasn’t as hot as it was in 1963 –

it was 111 degrees that year – the highest for Sept. 26th on record. 

Ok, I feel Lucky, Not!!…LOL …Well, actually –

 I do because this year I spent the day inside in air conditioning! Thank You, Jesus.

Back in the “good ‘ol days” of 1963 we didn’t have air conditioning at home or at school!

So yes, thank goodness some things change for the better.

P.S.  News flash – just heard it’s going to be just as hot 2morrow as it was today!

Yippy…I can’t wait!

Deployed and its hot

But let’s not complain, just say I’m sharing my local news and weather because our military has really got it HOT! Plus its sandy and windy and people with guns are hiding everywhere waiting to shoot your butt, so maybe I don’t have it so bad after all. Take Care soldier and come home soon.

Hope everyone had a nice “cool” day!

Sunflower Smilie

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