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Aquaria Grande ~

Pools are the new balconies — literally.

A skyscraper under construction in Mumbai, India, not only includes more than 200 apartments, three levels of car parking, a gym and sauna, but it also features pools on the edges of several balconies.

Called the Aquaria Grande, the two 37-story towers were designed by architect James Law and the real estate company Wadhwa Group.

It’s just the latest building to push the boundaries of conventional homes in India.

With 228 apartments, the Imperial in Mumbai has two 60-story towers featuring high-security systems, outdoor terraces, an entertainment area and pool. A gym is expected to open soon and the largest apartments include lap pools.

And the world’s most expensive home, also located in Mumbai, boasts three helicopters landing pads, floating gardens, six car parks, a theater and a grand ballroom.

Completed last year, the house called Antilla cost $1 billion to build and its 27 stories tower over the city.

Unfortunately its owner Mukesh Ambani — India’s richest man — reportedly refuses to move in because he believes it would be bad luck.

Photos and Text received via e-mail. To read more about this Unique and very expensive Apartment Building go to the links provided below.




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