Laugh, Love, Live Life!

There I was, just flying along, enjoying the flight at 20,000 ft., minding my own business.

F15 Jet

And what’s so cool is they actually pay me to do this!


When……Hmmm… What’s that strange sound? Something feels different!

F15 jet

Hey, why am I looking up?


Whoa there. What the hell?? Controls aren’t working.


Time for a mirror check… Hey, where’s the rest of my F-15?


Uh oh, it’s over there… I think I’ve got a definite’……………….

Aw, sh*t’ What the hell is going on here.


I gotta wonder, am I the first guy to ever experience a ‘cockpit-airframe separation anxiety attack‘??

OK, enough is enough!… I’m outta’ here! But first, the canopy has to go.


Phew…………. At least that’s now out of the way……


OK, now it’s my turn. I’m gonna be gone as soon as I find that frickin’ lower handle.


Got it…… I’m gone !!!!!!

This ‘incident’ caused the USAF to ground its fleet of F-15’s.

How about the guy who took these pictures?

 Just when it looks like it’s going to be just another ‘average day at the office’..!

What caused the mid-air break up?

The main “longeron” (stringer) behind the cockpit failed due to corrosion.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time (the photographer)…or the wrong place at the wrong time (the pilot)…..


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