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Copy of email – Received May 7, 2013

PLEASE, circulate this disgraceful behavior, worldwide if you can. The real truth!
Nauseating isn’t it!  Our future is going down the drain unless someone does something quick to
reverse the trend.  How about we quit supporting them and use the money at home???
What a bunch of pig sucking butt wipes. You can see one of the religious leaders in the background encourging these scum sucking bastards. I bet some of these scum will try to come to the US or England later then complain that we are discrimating against them when we try to stop them.
A view of our so-called peaceful Muslim friends who we helped free from persecution from Colonel Gadhafi, this is obviously their way of saying thanks.
WW II  – British Military Cemetery in Libya.
See this video whilst it’s available and before it is removed!!!


Truth or e-rumor?

The actions in this video speak louder than words. Isn’t there any police? Why don’t the “peaceful” Muslims stand up to these ignorant men that are making all Muslims look like bad evil people and stop or arrest these men? They can’t say they don’t know who they are that did this disgraceful act.

If it was our soldiers doing this to one of their Muslim cemeteries we all know they would be throwing a big cry-baby fit an screaming bloody murder about this outrage!

At least in America and Britain and many other countries we are civilized enough to respect the fact that other faiths exist and we  allow everyone the right to believe in whatever religion they prefer without resorting to violence.

I read that Karzai said the “Prophet Mohammad was the greatest prophet of Islam, a prophet sent to guide mankind, a pacifist and promoter of truth and honesty in the world. In fact, insult to the greatest Prophet of Islam means insult to high values of 1.5 billion Muslims across the world.”

Jordan’s parliament members released a statement saying it rejects “any insult against Islamic belief and religious symbols.” And that “Islam,  has great respect for other monotheistic religions, and it prohibits insult to any prophet or any other religion.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki: Iraq’s leader since 2006 said that people should “refrain from resorting to violence and exercise the principles of Islam and its civilized values.”

If the above statements are true than the so-called Muslims in this video don’t even follow the teachings of their own faith!

What I want to know is what are the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world doing, nothing? Why are they not making it loud and clear to the few twisted evil minded religious leaders who are doing insult against Islamic belief and their Prophet Mohammad’s teachings that their behavior is not acceptable!

If they truly believe Mohammad was sent to guide mankind, that he was a pacifist and promoter of truth and honesty in the world then they need to stand up, and be seen and heard. They need to state taking more action and help in the fight to get rid of the ones who are using the name of Mohammad as an excuse to hate and use violence against others. Because by the inaction of all of the so-called peaceful Muslims they are actually just condoning the actions of these few evil men.

Come on people fight for your own beliefs for heavens sake! Stop letting a few bad apples make the rest of the world continue to believe all Muslims are of the same mind as the men in this video!!

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