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I never knew that every May 11 is Twilight Zone Day but as I just found out it is…
Happy ‘Twilight Zone’ Day every one!

Twilight Zone show intro

Today we also celebrate Space Day and the San Diego Air & Space Museum is having it’s 10th Annual Space Day Celebration. There are all kinds of activities, demonstrations and giveaways. You can even meet a real astronaut, Garrett Reisman! Astronaut Reisman has made two trips on Space Shuttles, the Endeavour, Discovery, and the Atlantis. He was a crew member on the International Space Station and he has made three “Space Walks”.
The museum is located in beautiful Balboa Park which is also home to the famous San Diego Zoo.


I don’t know why but I’ve always been drawn to outer space, the vastness, mystery, and beauty seen in images taken by the different telescopes.

My family often went for Sunday afternoon drives when I was growing up. An activity that brings back both unpleasant and happy memories. The bad part of these Sunday drives was the fact that I suffered terribly from motion sickness and every time I ended up sitting on the floor with my head on the seat, eyes closed and trying to  make the feeling I was going to loose my breakfast of pancakes and eggs at any moment go away. Thankfully the feeling left within a few minutes of arriving and stopping the car.

One of my favorite destinations was the Palomar Mountains north-east of San Diego to the Mt. Palomar Observatory. There was a small museum that had large color photos taken using the 200-inch telescope and these wonderfully beautiful photos were hung all around the museum walls. There also was a full size copy of the 200-inch mirror made of concrete on the floor in the center of the room that all of us kids wanted climb on because it’s surface was smooth as a playground slide but of course that wasn’t allowed. You could look through these large glass window and see the telescope and the chair that the astronomers sat in while looking out into space at all the stars and planets, oh how I wanted to sit in that chair!

Below are a few of my favorite images of our galaxy.

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