Laugh, Love, Live Life!

 A beautiful true story told in pictures…….of love and courage!

If he is a hero………..She is an angel!

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Taylor Morris is a Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Technician who was deployed to Afghanistan in January 2012.

On May 3, he was so severely wounded he lost both of his legs, left arm from the bicep down, and right hand.

One thing has remained constant since Taylor sustained his injury: The love and devotion of his long-time girlfriend Danielle Kelly.

Taylor’s friend, photographer Tim Dodd, has captured Taylor and Danielle’s journey in a series of gorgeous photographs.


Video of Taylor dancing with girlfriend, Danielle –

Read more about their love story 

Tim Dodd photography.

Please Note: I received the photos shown above via a forwarded email. I wanted to put the photos together in a nicer way to view and share them and after putting them into a PowerPoint Presentation I wondered what were the names of these two incredible young people, so I did a search and found quite a bit of information about them and their amazing story. I added this information above and to the end of the presentation.

Be advised that “No Copyright Infringement Is Intended.”

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