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PTSD Awareness

Enormous stress is the heart of War Trauma — this stress causes physiological or neuro-chemical changes in the functioning of the brain. The symptoms — nervousness, insomnia, anxiety in crowds, jumping at a sudden loud noise — are primitive, involuntary instincts necessary to survival in a combat zone.

When the instinctive, unthinking part of the brain senses danger, it reacts instantly with a flood of stress hormones — the hyper-arousal that prepares the body for “fight or flight.” This is appropriate in combat. But back home, the brain may misinterpret danger signals.

This neuro-chemical mechanism is involuntary! People don’t decide — I want to be stressed out today. It’s just the way we are wired.

Combat trauma can cause our war veterans to feel jittery, disrupt their sleep from bad dreams, become anxious and have flashes of anger and sexual dysfunction that adds to emotional distress, family and marital tensions. Embarrassment and shame make it hard for our soldiers to muster up the courage to deal with it.

Our job is to support our veterans! And the governments job is to help our War Veterans find coping strategies to tolerate their limitations. Read more about Combat Trauma and the inner battle our troops fight after they return home.

Visit the U.S. Government of Veterans Affairs website for more information about PTSD.


Please support this cause and “LIKE” this Facebook page – Lets Find 1 Million People Who Really Support Our Severely Injured Veterans

words about Suicide

SO TRUE!! If you or someone you know is an emotional crisis–Call 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) Press 1 for Veterans—ALL others Please stay on the line!!

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