Laugh, Love, Live Life!

Content Warning

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Dear Readers,

Please Note: Some content might be insulting or offensive and not suitable for young children.

That however is not my intention to hurt anyone’s “delicate” feelings, as all the postings are really just humorous.

If you find any of the writings or photos insulting or rude, if you can’t handle looking at photos of people wearing revealing clothing, reading a few “bad” words or are easily insulted by put-downs, well then I suggest you quickly close this web page and don’t continue reading my posts!

Also for anyone suggesting I not be allowed to post the crazy photos, short stories and jokes — In that case you might be interested in reading this article about Americas “freedom of speech” Kerry defends liberties, says “Americans have right to be stupid“. Which means here in the good ‘ol US of A, we can say whatever we want even if someone doesn’t like it, of course they also have the right not to read or listen.

See how it works? Isn’t America GREAT! I love it!   


~ Wacky Jacky in CyberSpace


The comments in this Blog are my opinion. If you disagree, it doesn’t make me wrong and you right. It simply means your opinion is different. I am more than happy discussing differences as long as the conversation remains civil and you can “Agree to Disagree.”

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