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About Forwarded Emails

Dear Readers;Email clip art

I often share the jokes, stories, photos and videos that I receive via those Forwarded/Viral email messages and even via Facebook or other sources from the Internet.

Why? Because they are comical, amusing and some are even strangely weird but mostly because they are a good laugh! Or because other times they are heart-warming, touching and inspiring sharing wisdom, faith, courage and love. A little something every one needs now and again.

BUT… remember at times these Forwarded/Viral messages are full Tips that imply the information is true when upon further investigation they are incorrect or at most are only partly true.

It surprises me that some of these Forwarded email/Viral messages are still circulating around the Internet and passing on False information, some for many years!

Amazing! I wonder, doesn’t anyone check out the information stated in these Forwarded/Viral messages before just blindly sending them on to the people in their contact lists? Especially when the information is incorrect, misleading, upsetting and possibly dangerous?

Good question, you tell me, because it seems that after a few months someone would have added a correction to these messages or maybe just STOPPED forwarding them! But Noooo, they are still out there being sent around and around the Internet like a wheel that is still turning but going nowhere.

There are safety risks when opening and sending messages from which the original sender is a mystery. Viruses, scams, phishing and hoaxes are among the dangers to look for in forwarded emails.

Whenever I use the photos, links or text from a forwarded email I have received in one of my posts I have included the source of the text, photos or videos if I can find it within the email. As “No Copyright Infringement Is Intended” when I share these emails.

Any information, as to the Truth or Fiction of the content within some of these Forwarded email/Viral messages that I discovered while researching I have added to the end of the posts including the links to where I got my information.

I enjoy the jokes, amusing short stories, fun and beautiful photos and videos and like being able to share them with my readers and hope these are able to bring some laughter and joy into your day.

What I dislike are the email messages that are full of false, inaccurate, one-sided and incomplete information! We all get enough of this already everyday from the news!

The other email messages that annoy me are the ones stating “send this to ## of your friends, with in the next # minutes, and you will get ??” Bull Shit! First off it’s not going to happen! Be real use your brain cells it doesn’t work that way!

If it’s a cute, funny or a nice heartfelt message I will pass it along if I feel inclined to do so, but STOP telling me what to do in an email! For crying out loud who died and made you the boss in charge of giving other people orders?! Sorry folks, but sometimes these little things really annoy me! LOL

So folks, yes I do share these Forwarded/Viral messages but I refuse to resend them especially when the information isn’t correct and I hope that others will stop forwarding these Viral messages also, at least without first researching the information to see if it is correct and than deleting any email addresses from the top of the email.

Share. But don’t share blindly and foolishly by passing on inaccurate and personal information.

Thank You. Peace.
~ Wacky Jacky in CyberSpace

P.S. Report any scam or unwanted email by forwarding it to the Federal Trade Commission who will track down and prosecute the scammers.

How to Report Scam Emails

Consumer Fraud Reporting eScams

To read more about email scams, forwarded emails and see examples for scam emails visit my blog “Somewhere Out In CyberSpace”.

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