Laugh, Love, Live Life!

Welcome to the Domino Effect

falling dominos

Hello Friends and Visitors,

There is a “domino effect“, when laughter is shared with others, which causes the joy and amusement to intensify. In addition sharing laughter bonds people together, and increases happiness and intimacy.

Laughter also triggers healthy physical changes in the body. It boosts your energy, helps diminish pain, strengthens your immune system and lowers the effects of stress. Best of all, this medicine is fun and free. 🙂

I believe we all like and need to laugh! Looking for a goofy-silly tale or photo, a ridiculous joke, some bizarre humor or a bit of satire maybe? Something to cause a spark and get your brain chemicals going…lifting your spirits and making you feel like doing a “little happy dance.”

My wish is to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day with laughter. Humor, satire, sarcasm & jokes. A potpourri of communiques …just for the amusement and delight of my friends in Cyberspace.

I hope you enjoy what you read here and please share, comment or just say hello.

Thank you for visiting.
~ Jacquie

P.S. Please, take a quick look at my page: “About Jacquie” where you can find a bit more about me plus a link to my other WordPress blog “Vivid Knowledge” where you can find inspiring and heartfelt words and news and links to my Facebook, YouTube, and Google+. Also, on Blogger I share information about email scams and safety tips on my blog Somewhere Out In CyberSpace. 🙂

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