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Tommy Franklin – Making Smiles

He is inspiring!

Giving smiles to others is what he loves to do.

Australia’s Got Talent 2013 Audition!

Tommy Franklin –The Semi-Finals


Never Forget 9/11

faces of the fallen

Image was made using “The Faces of the Fallen” from September 11th … We Remember.


The Charlie Daniels Band – Star Spangled Banner
A haunting instrumental of our National Anthem performed over the backdrop of our troops serving in the Middle East. This video was directed by Charlie’s manager, David Corlew and Read W. Riley, and shot when the band was on a Stars For Stripes tour in 2005.



“Lifes Gonna Suck” by Denis Leary

Get ready for a bit of Denis Leary’s off the wall humor with a super funny kiddie song that isn’t really for the kids. Hope it brightens up your day, I like the bouncy music and the goofy smiles on all the band members..–like they were really singing this just to the little folks..


Memorial Day – U.S. Armed Forces Medley – Tribute Videos

Memorial Day…is a time for thanks and remembrance.

A day to honor America’s bravest sons and daughters who answered the call to defend their nation and, in doing so, made the greatest sacrifice of all.

And in these days of unrest filled with grave uncertainty, let’s not forget the price they paid to keep our country free.

Grant them, O Lord, Eternal peace.

Thank You & God Bless all the members of our military, their family’s and the U.S.A!

clip art of boy waving us flag


Over the Rainbow

Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole’s Platinum selling hit “Over the Rainbow”

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