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Nibbling on the Queens Nuts?

Nibbling the queens nuts
The Queens pet peeve hasn’t got anything to do with her three Pembroke Welsh corgis.

Apparently someone or maybe a couple of someone‘s have been nibbling, in the Queen’s corridors, on her nuts without permission.

In emails submitted and read out during the phone hacking trial, related to the interception of voice mails, for the now defunct News of the World tabloid editors, its learned that a memo had been issued to all officers telling them to “keep their sticky fingers out.” (of the Queens NUTS!)

While on patrol, the royal police officers are eating all the nuts from bowls left out around Buckingham Palace for the 87-year-old queen.

The Queen was so narked (annoyed) about the police (hear me say, “Not the Police!”) stealing bowls of nuts and nibbles that she started marking the bowls to see where the levels dipped, and drew lines on the sides in a bid to catch them out.

Judge John Saunders told the jury that these were “unfounded allegations.”

Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

MSN News


Elephant vs Car

elephant standing over small car

How an elephant scratches his balls!?


Nap Time at the Office

j lookalike

“Darn! Why did you interrupt me?

I wasn’t sleeping, I was just taking a 15 minute power-nap like they raved about in the last time management meeting and I had almost figured out a solution to our biggest problem.”


A Halloween Full Moon

a full moon

Hope your Halloween is filled with happy surprises!



Why Women Aren’t Mechanics

Why Women Arent Mechanics

Because she is wearing all white??? LOL


Kid Talk

Kids can be so funny!

in and out


Lost grandpa


Bitch to Iron


big sissy


barber chair


AHorse Story


The 2009 Woman Driver Awards

10th Place Goes To:


9th Place Goes To:


8th Place Goes To:


7th Place Goes To:


6th Place Goes To:


5th Place Goes To:


4th Place Goes To:


3rd Place Goes To:

The BRONZE Medal Winner


2nd Place Goes To:

The SILVER Medal Winner


YES – her helmet is on backwards

And, finally, here is our

The 2009 Women Drivers Awards

GOLD Medal Winner!


*Note: All images received via a forwarded email.

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