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Dogs in Boots


Funny Cats In Water


Kangaroo (Rémi GAILLARD)

Funniest s**t ever

Want Comedy? Do you need a good laugh?

Dangerously funny videos created and produced by Rémi GAILLARD.



Brave Kitten Stands Up to Dog

You really have to give this little kitty some credit for being so brave.
That Rottweiler didn’t stand a chance!

When It’s Ok to use the “F” Word


“Spills, Crashes, Smashes, Wrecks & Mishaps…
Photos that will have you saying “Oh… F**K.”
This video is part of my “Comedy” Playlist on YouTube.


Outrageous Stuff Men Do



Crazy and Outrageous Stuff Men Do; this video is from my YouTube “Comedy” Playlist.
All Images used to make this video are from 2 Forwarded Emails* I received
*RE: Men Who Lack Adult Supervision and RE: Men Can Fix Anything

“No Copyright Infringement Is Intended”


Colors Only Mother Nature Makes

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